2013 Speakers

ISO50001 Ireland is an industry conference which will bring together approximately 120 senior management from Irish Business who are considering the transition to this International energy standard, but have yet to make the journey.

The theme/profile of this event is simply to create an exchange of information between organisations who are about to make the transition to ISO50001 and companies who have already made the transition. Our speakers have been carefully selected based on their experiences and knowledge of this standard and are keen to network with delegates in an effort to develop the standard further within Ireland.

ISO50001 Ireland programme includes:


Registration from 8.15am



Eamon Ryan

Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources (2007 – 2011)


The Big Picture

–   The European Energy Economy

–   European Energy Management Strategies

–   Long-term Energy Future

–   European Energy Policy



Ciaran O’Malley

Certification Europe

What is ISO50001.


–   Development of the standard ISO 50001

–   Global Outlook for ISO 50001: Certifications in Ireland V’s rest of the world

–   Why should organisations adopt the standard

–   How to implement an ISO 50001 Energy Management System

–   How ISO 50001 certification increases energy performance



Philip Lee

Philip Lee Solicitors

Philip Lee175

Legal aspects to ISO50001, contracts, etc

–   The Policy and Legal Drivers requiring Energy Reduction

–   The Energy Services Directive

–   The National Energy Efficiency Plan

–   The Energy Performance of Building Directives

–   The New Government Framework to drive Energy Performance Contracting

–   The Opportunities afforded by the New Energy Efficiency Fund announced by Minister Rabbitte

–   The support structures offered to facilitate Energy Performance Contracting by SEAI

– The Procurement and Contractual Structures now produced as templates to facilitate market developments


10.50am – Questions & Answers Session



Ed Collins



Achieving the Standard; Challenges & benefits.

–   ISO 50001 is an on-going journey and not a destination

–   Benefits of ISO 50001 certification

  • Improved Energy Management through the use of Dashboards
  • Using SEU Audits to identify opportunities

–   Challenges of implementing ISO 50001

  • Support from Senior Management
  • Resources and time required for successful implementation

–   Performance Management and successful implementation of Standard

–   Key factors for ensuring that certification is maintained


12.00 pm

Dr. Dominic O’Sullivan

University College Cork


Monitoring and Metering

–   Why Monitor and Meter?

–   ISO 50001 Requirements

–   The Common Mistakes

–   A Suggested Approach

  • What do you want to know
  • Work with what you have (initially)

–   Keep it simple



David Gascon

Vayu Energy



–   Overview Gas Market

–   What will drive future energy prices

–   Procurement; Short to Medium Term

–   Hedging Options; Long Term Opportunities.


12.55pm Questions & Answers Session.



John O’Sullivan

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland


Assistance & Support

–   Overview and impacts of SEAI Programmes centred on energy management & ISO50001

–   Summary of the SEAI business programme supports

–   Highlighting some successes and opportunity with high replication potential

–   Our contribution to the development of new energy standards

–   Programme development and next steps



Tony Power

Bausch & Lomb

Achieving the Standard

–   The Audit Process

–   The Challenge of Implementation

–   Allocation of resources

–   The benefits and results



Paul Boylan



–   Outline Citi’s approach to sustainability

–   Citi’s New Energy initiative on CHP/DHS

–   Metering and the importance of monitoring results

–   ISO9001, ISO14001

–   Citi’s journey to ISO50001



Ian Boylan

Target Energy


Auditing & Verification

–   Auditing for effectiveness – based on evidence not opinion – where do you start?

–   Verification of savings & verification of the action plan.

–   Should the non-meeting of an EnPI be a non – conformance or not?

–   How do you establish the base line, and do I need to adjust the base line in response to business changes?

–   Auditor competence and independence.


4.40pm Chairman thank you.

Conor Molloy – Event Chair


EMPI is a professional body for the energy management services sector operating in Ireland. With continued growth in demand for energy management and energy savings, the mission of EMPI is to play a leading role in facilitating and supporting the work of a national network of energy professionals.

EMPI is a professional body; it aims to foster world-class energy management services in the interests of customers, EMPI members, the environment, and protect the independence and integrity of the profession.


In addition to the above speaker line-up we will be making available to delegates breakout sessions where you can meet, speak and discuss your companies particular requirements in attaining ISO50001. Two separate one on one audit advise sessions will take place throughout the day with John Ryan and Dermot Gibbons.

gibbons175john ryan175

To reserve your 20 minute one on one breakout session please contact Ronan McGlade.